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After my professional baseball career was cut short I wanted to work for myself verses having a traditional job dictate my families lifestyle. This opportunity promotes amazing travel packages that pays a minimum of $1,000 or more on each transaction which is also explained in the short video. The training pay is also impressive. There's awesome benefits and you work your own hours! This is not a timeshare. The simple to use system offers pre-qualified leads with clients who are already interested! The live training calls teach you what to say by following a simple script. We enjoy the freedom and many memories of taking family vacations! This opportunity requires an effort on your part and results may vary. To find out more details watch the short video by clicking >>> Paid Every Friday

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Income Disclaimer: These are real people who build their own business by making a choice to market the Coastal Travel packages. The income they are making has come from hard work and their determination to succeed. Their results are atypical. As with any business venture the money you could make will depend upon your own efforts and determination to succeed. No income guarantees made on website, conference call or any area within DFI are expressed or implied. Results will vary. Coastal Vacations/Coastal Travel is NOT a seller of travel and therefore is not licensed to sell travel. Coastal sells Travel and Travel Related Discount Packages that provide discounted access to many travel and travel related companies. To build a successful business you must make 3 sales while guided by your director and at that point your director will provide you with the documentation that allows you to get access to the packages at wholesale. The average person buys a coastal package generates NO income and simply benefits from the Travel savings as structured by the Coastal Board of Directors.